5, 5:30, 6:00. . .Screw It.

This past sunday was our very last BBQ on the beach. This is seriously important due to the fact that 1. it is the last time that my church family would meet all together on the beach with our co-workers and hopefully be given the chance to share the gospel with them 2. one of the people that we had met down in La Jolla named Clyde was getting baptized after accepting Christ not a week earlier. He would share his story in front of all of us and our co-workers. Significant to say the least. All summer I had been given favor with my co-workers and had one of them come to every single BBQ that we had. For the last one I pulled out all the stops and invited seven of them. I wanted desperately for them to come, to see my community, and to be touched by the deep joy that my friends have in Jesus. I spoke to each of my co-workers individually, “Hey, it starts at 5, Ill see you there.” “Hey, It starts at 5 but if you cant come tip 5:30 its totally cool.” “Hey dude, come to my BBQ, its the last one and I probably wont be able to see you afterwards. It will be one final last Hoorahh!” Sunday night, its 5:00 and no one is there yet. . .5:30 and still no one is there. . .6:00 rolls around and still not one of my co-workers is there. A little ticked to say the least I stomp away from my church family to the porta-potties that are just a little ways away from our site. I was so upset that I found myself looking at all the writing inside the bathroom and saying to myself “Are you serious. . . thats real mature! Writing on the inside of a porta-potty!” As I was finishing my pity part in my porta-potty I looked up at the door and saw an inscription set apart from the other ones.IMG_7049 It said HAVE FAITH IN OUR GOD….dang…dang. Ok Lord. I am not lying when I tell you that every single one of my coworkers that invited came. Not only did they come, they came in time to hear my friend share his testimony and the Gospel. Praise God . . . Praise God. Later I was talking to one of my co-workers boyfriends and he looked at my friends and then at me and then back to my friends “You guys are kind of different arent you?” he asked. Yeah we are . . . Yes, we are.

To Be Continued. . .


About meganmduffy2014

My name is Megan Duffy. I am a native of Seattle so naturally I love the rain and do not own an umbrella. I aspire to someday be a television broadcaster or the PR director of a non profit organization that helps foster children in the Seattle area. When I am not working, studying, volunteering, I love to watch movies and snowboard with my friends and family.
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