“Religion and Stuff?”

Westfield Mall’s Corner Bakery is not like any other Corner Bakery. It is one of the most successful and because of this it has been chosen to be the training center for future managers and owners who will be apart of opening up new stores. The first day I began work I was told that there were tons of people in our store who were not usually there and who would be leaving for a different store in just a short while. Most of the extra people were trainee managers who would be moving up north to be apart of the new place in Temecula. Tensions run really really REALLY high because the new managers are a little unteachable and the current trainers at our site are very set in their ways. I’m not playing both sides but I do like all of the people and so I do a lot of listening to stories about who yelled at who and who was ‘wrong’ and very little speaking. I have tried to remain completely objective in all circumstances. Anyway, I say all of this to set up for probably one of my favorite moments of my entire time being in La Jolla so far. One day after shift, one of the manager trainees came up to me and was like “hey, did you just get off?” I was like HECK yes I did and I am sooooo excited to leave Immediately (I didn’t actually say that). I told her that I just got off and she asked me if I had a second. I had only spoken to this girl a couple of other times during which I had explained only slightly why I was down in La Jolla and what I was about. She looked really nervous and I was wondering why she, a manager, was nervous talking to me, the newly hired cashier who kept dropping cookies on the ground in front of the customers. Finally she looked at me and said “Um, hey, I was just wondering if I could talk to you about religion and stuff for a second.” . . .What. Excuse me? You would like to- . . .YES! (pantomime someone teeing another person up to swing a golf club). God could not have orchestrated a better time for her to ask that question; this was the last day that she would be training at our store I felt the weight of the situation immediately. We sat down and she asked me how I really ‘got into religion’. I asked if I could share my story with her and in doing this was able to share the gospel with her. She asked a lot of questions and seemed really interested. At the end of our conversation I asked her what she thought and she said that she knew that she had made the decision to accept Christ in the past but she was just finding her way back and felt really guilty for never going to church. I explained to her that its never been about going to church just to check it off of a list; Christianity is a relationship that has nothing to do with what we do and has everything to do with what Jesus has already done. “Its weird that I heard all of this as a little kid and it just makes so much more sense now.” I am praying this girl and for her heart; she did not make any decisions during our conversation but she did teach me something really important: she taught me that a huge part of living missionally is just being available. Please pray for my friend and for her heart. Pray for the opportunity to spend time with her again as she now lives almost two hours away from where my friends and I are staying in La Jolla. I am thanking God continually for your prayers and support.

To Be Continued. . .


About meganmduffy2014

My name is Megan Duffy. I am a native of Seattle so naturally I love the rain and do not own an umbrella. I aspire to someday be a television broadcaster or the PR director of a non profit organization that helps foster children in the Seattle area. When I am not working, studying, volunteering, I love to watch movies and snowboard with my friends and family.
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2 Responses to “Religion and Stuff?”

  1. Dad says:

    Is there anything better than that! I couldn’t think of a better person to be “addressing the ball” (to continue with the golf analogy) when someone has a question.
    Keep up the good work and keep driving in the really Big Cars too 🙂
    Love Dad


  2. charlespaolino says:

    Hi, and thank you for following my blog. (I wrote the post about Frank Sinatra.) I love your blog, and I will be a frequent reader.


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