Mom Dad, Cars and ERs.

Soooooo, I may or may not have gotten in a small car accident. IM FINE!!! CALM DOWN! Sheesh! I was headed to an event with our church down here with a family from California. I was sitting in the passenger’s seat of a big silver van with my friend Vivian and her two kids Nathan and Austin. We were slowed to a stop on the free way so as to let the ambulance, whose horn was blaring I might add, could pass us with easy and little difficulty. I was under the impression that you are supposed to stop when you hear an emergency vehicle. . .Vivian was also under the impression that you are supposed to stop when you hear an emergency vehicle. . .my nurse Kelly was under the same strange impression. . .the lady who slammed into Vivian’s car at forty miles an hour was perhaps under the ‘slow slightly’ impression. Luckily I didn’t see her coming so I didn’t have time to tense up my body. No one was hurt in the accident and both cars showed minimal damage. Me however. . .old habits die hard; of course my head and neck hurt from my last two boating/car accidents and of course I almost fell asleep while concussed! Calling mom and dad from the urgent care facility is WAY more fun than it sounds. . . “Mom, Dad, please don’t freak out, but I kind of got in a little tinny bit of a fender bender and I may or may not be sitting in the ER right now”. You should have heard the panic in their voices when I told them that I thought my Dad was born in 1864. YES, I was a little shook up and woozy; no, I am not dead, dying, or on any medication. I do love my family so much šŸ™‚

On a more serious note; I am so incredibly thankful for the safety that me and my friends have been given so far and I would implore you to pray with me to God for continued protection throughout the rest of our trip. Thank you for your prayers!

To Be Continued. . . Thankfully


About meganmduffy2014

My name is Megan Duffy. I am a native of Seattle so naturally I love the rain and do not own an umbrella. I aspire to someday be a television broadcaster or the PR director of a non profit organization that helps foster children in the Seattle area. When I am not working, studying, volunteering, I love to watch movies and snowboard with my friends and family.
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One Response to Mom Dad, Cars and ERs.

  1. brent says:

    You will have to ask your Grandpa when he and I ran into a horse skidding into it at about 40 mph!
    Very glad to you and everyone else in the vehicle was protected! !


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