Enjoying the Little Things

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Hope Is Hard

This is a post from my friend Kayla who is not only an incredible writer but an incredible person.
Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Coffee Shop Talk

Hope is hard. It’s a fact of life.

But hope is also beautiful. It means we’re choosing to believe that there is indeed a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. That, my friend, is no easy feat.

Hope is counting on and clinging to what we cannot see. Hope is what we grab hold of as we’re searching for peace in the middle of a war. Hope is not always comforting, but sometimes it’s all that’s left.

If hope were a person, I wonder what he’d say or what he’d do. I’d like to believe that he’d take my hand and say “here’s my hand, you can squeeze it.” Hope would know that if I can’t change my present circumstances, I’m better off knowing I don’t need to endure the battle ahead alone.

Faith and hope work closely together. Without faith, how could we hope?  How else…

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Bear With Me…

A lot of things have been happening in my life and I have not been able to keep up. I will hopefully be able to share about the past few weeks in my next entry.I know that this is the lamest blog post ever but please bear with me….

This is going to be the best movie of the year.

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Walk Much?

Two days ago I was headed to my first class of the day. This class is unfortunately at 9 a.m. and also all the way across campus. Normally the walk does not bug me, I can usually make it on time or with a little time to spare. However, on this particular day I was running a bit late. Key word in that last sentence would be ‘running’, that’s definitely what I was doing. At 8:56 a.m. I was rushed up the stairs that stood between me and my class, an apple in one hand and a notebook in the other (looking rather studious). Little did I know that those stairs would take a bit out of my studiousness starting with my apple. I was almost to the top of the stair case when my toe caught an edge and down I fell. Well, I guess I should say up. Yes, I did, in fact, trip Up the stairs! Insult to injury, hands that would have braced my fall were busy holding my notebook and my apple. My notebook slapped the ground and my apple scraped across the cement making a lovely skid mark on the ground leaving one side of the fruit completely flat. Cherry on top . . . the people walking up the stairs behind me made that noise . . . I know you know the noise. “Ohhhhhh . . .yikes . . .uh, you ok?”

Later as I recounted the story to my friend he mocking asked me through his laughter, “Geez, did you drop your glasses too?” Yes I was the kid who tripped Up the stairs, made cement apple sauce and lost a little bit of my pride in the process. After it was all over I couldn’t help but laugh. How funny we are, humans. Learning to laugh at our own mistakes is so important. I get to learn that lesson alot 🙂

To Be Continued. . .

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The Conduit


Conduit [kon-dwit, -doo-it, -dyoo-it, -dit]
(Noun) – a fountain (Archaic)
– a similar natural passage
Legal definition
– a mediator, a go-between, an advocate

The more I am alive the more I realize how much information is skewed as it is passed from individual to individual. I remember when I was younger I would play the game telephone with my cousins. For those of you who do not know, in the game telephone players sit in a circle close enough to whisper into each other’s ears. One player comes up with a saying or a phrase of his choosing. This participant then whispers it into the ear of the person next to him. The listener may not ask for a repeat and is then to pass the message he or she just received to the next person in the circle. The messaged subsequently moves around the circle until it makes it back to its creator. The last person shares what the message turned into by the time it made it all the way around the circle. What may have started out as “I have brown hair”, may have turned into “he uses Nair.”
I believe that this game is a comical and yet accurate analogy of what often occurs in academic, social and spiritual environments. Interpretation is, by definition, “a conception of another’s message or behavior”. Whether I admit it or not, I sit in my Psych 105 with a personalized set of biases and beliefs just like the other hundred students in my class. My beliefs and biases are composed of choices made and learning experiences that I’ve had.
Socially, telephone may be the most accurate description of interactions of people at all ages. Whoever said people are easier to be around in when you get older clearly didn’t live very long. I have been blessed with excellent friends in all areas of my life and do not deal with the “telephone game” of misinterpretation and hurt very much at all. However, I see it happening around me daily.
I was walking on campus the few days ago when two elders from the Mormon Church stopped me. They asked me where I was going and I truthfully told them that I was headed to a small group for my church, Resonate. “Oh, Resonate. . .” they said with slight disgust, “People from that church don’t like us very much.” “Huh,” I said. “Why is that?” “Well,” said the more outspoken elder “A lot of people have really bad views of Mormons in general.” “Oh man,” I smiled “That is something we share. A lot of people have really bad views of Christians as well.” Misinterpretations about people, their behaviors and messages are happening all the time and much more than we think.
This long-winded lead in is just to say that in all areas of our lives it is necessary to strive for wisdom and to always be conduits (mediators and advocates) of the truth. The goals of this blog are to write with wisdom and truth while giving you, the reader, the window seat view of life of a student living in the ever-changing world of academia. My hope is that you will laugh (as I do) at the lack of sagacity of some people, morn for the disparity of others and lastly be filled with encouragement and joy as my friends and I learn the true purpose of our lives and strive to be conduits of truth.

1 Timothy 2:5 (KJV)
5 “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus…”

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When Transition is Absolutely Necessary

This is a post from my great friend Kayla explaining the importance of relationships during transitional periods in our lives. College is a constant state of transitioning and I believe that it is in this ever-changing environment that growth may truly occur.

Coffee Shop Talk

Creative Commons// Darin Marshall

I am back! These past couple of weeks have been rather busy these past couple of weeks wrapping up my summer classes and tearing apart my room. Since I’m in the currently in the middle of a transition, I’ve decided to share with you my thoughts, and why I personally believe transitions are important!

Before I go any further, you should know that I despise packing. I’ve always been one to over-pack. It’s really silly because I could bring everything with me to wherever I’m going and still be convinced that I don’t quite have everything I need. For me,  traveling is never enjoyable until the moment I actually arrive at my destination. Nonetheless, transition and change are very healthy. Moving is hardly enjoyable, but it forces me to re-evaluate my life. Putting my life into boxes is a wonderful reminder of what I value. Trust…

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5, 5:30, 6:00. . .Screw It.

This past sunday was our very last BBQ on the beach. This is seriously important due to the fact that 1. it is the last time that my church family would meet all together on the beach with our co-workers and hopefully be given the chance to share the gospel with them 2. one of the people that we had met down in La Jolla named Clyde was getting baptized after accepting Christ not a week earlier. He would share his story in front of all of us and our co-workers. Significant to say the least. All summer I had been given favor with my co-workers and had one of them come to every single BBQ that we had. For the last one I pulled out all the stops and invited seven of them. I wanted desperately for them to come, to see my community, and to be touched by the deep joy that my friends have in Jesus. I spoke to each of my co-workers individually, “Hey, it starts at 5, Ill see you there.” “Hey, It starts at 5 but if you cant come tip 5:30 its totally cool.” “Hey dude, come to my BBQ, its the last one and I probably wont be able to see you afterwards. It will be one final last Hoorahh!” Sunday night, its 5:00 and no one is there yet. . .5:30 and still no one is there. . .6:00 rolls around and still not one of my co-workers is there. A little ticked to say the least I stomp away from my church family to the porta-potties that are just a little ways away from our site. I was so upset that I found myself looking at all the writing inside the bathroom and saying to myself “Are you serious. . . thats real mature! Writing on the inside of a porta-potty!” As I was finishing my pity part in my porta-potty I looked up at the door and saw an inscription set apart from the other ones.IMG_7049 It said HAVE FAITH IN OUR GOD….dang…dang. Ok Lord. I am not lying when I tell you that every single one of my coworkers that invited came. Not only did they come, they came in time to hear my friend share his testimony and the Gospel. Praise God . . . Praise God. Later I was talking to one of my co-workers boyfriends and he looked at my friends and then at me and then back to my friends “You guys are kind of different arent you?” he asked. Yeah we are . . . Yes, we are.

To Be Continued. . .

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